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Duo Bundle
Anonymous (Australia)
Duo bundle

Although the product worked somewhat well in reducing the smell of my armpits and sweat, it however had a burning sensation whenever I applied it to my skin. Your products say it is vegan, I don’t know why my skin is reacting. It is very harsh for my skin so I have stopped using it. I only ever use vegan products so l thought this would be safe as well.

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Floral
Sneha Bhattarai (Australia)
The best product ever

This product is the best thing ever and now I cannot imagine my life without it. I have already made a second purchase. It works like a magic. I live in a place with very high humidity and very hot weather and my underarm still smells fresh after a long day.
Highly recommended

Bestie Bundle
Cristina Hernandez (Australia)
Bestie Bundle for everyone

The first time we tried the product was for my teenage son who has sensitive skin. Other deodorants will give him rashes but KYOOR was very good to his skin. It also left him smelling fresh all day long even during his PDHPE classes. It was very economical and lasts a long time with the right application. Now, we bought a bestie bundle for me, my husband, and other 2 kids! Its for the whole family. Try it if you haven't yet. Highly recommended!

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Fresh
Essa Chehade (Australia)

Bought deodorant from KYOOR as a gift for my wifes birthday & she was super happy with it!

Feels really soft & refreshing, lasts for a good 3 days before re applying, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT WILL DEFINITELY BE BUYING MORE.

Bestie Bundle
Mandisa Mlisa (Australia)

Kyoor Anti- Odourant has been exceptionally great for me as I have Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). I am quite apprehensive when it comes to try to new products due to the extreme sensitivity of my skin but this was definitely worth trying. The product is gentle and reduces sweating and has become a part of my care plan in reducing and managing HS flare ups. It is also long lasting which means there is no need to re-apply during the day. The packaging is beautiful!

Pick One
Adeline (Australia)
So good!

Love using my deo day in day out. It leaves such a fresh scent and genuinely works. I like that the founders put so much thought into the product and it shows in the quality. A tube lasts a long time. Highly recommend!

Day Spa Every Day

I've been using Kyoor Naturals fresh deodorant for about 1 month now and I've loved it! I haven't needed a lot to get me through each day and generally only applied it once in the morning. It smells like coming out of a day spa so it's a great way to start the day. I love that it's all natural products and with a 10 month old baby, it's important to be chemical free in the products I use. It's definitely been the best natural deodorant I've ever tried and used.

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Floral
Susan Masoso (Australia)
Great underarm care

This is a great product for underarm care, very light and doesn't leave white marks. The packaging is top class. No scent and no nasties. I would highly recommend this product.

Love it

I have finally found the perfect natural deodorant! I love the luxe packaging and how discreet it is. I carry mine everywhere and it doesn’t even look like I’m taking deodorant with me.
My favourite is the floral scent, after a few weeks of using it I found I get the best results when I gently exfoliate my underarms and apply an even layer and let it dry. I take it with me and only have to reapply a few times a day. The creme is so soft so it's like applying skin care. My underarms feel so smooth and I am feeling so confident going into Summer and wearing singlets.

Perfect for me

My daughter got me onto Kyoor after she started using it. As I get older I like to consider what products I use on my skin and I'm so glad we have found a natural deodorant that works so well for both of us. As a teacher I am so busy throughout the day, but reapplying only takes a couple of minutes and it's some self care I can do each day.

Lasts all day

I have tried so many natural deodorants and I always end the day smelling so bad. I feel fresh as a daisy, lasts through work, workouts, even hot summer days, never going back!

My fave

Now that I have found Kyoor I really can't imagine using anything else. It has an amazing smell and really gets the job done. I love it!

Got my own!

I get so many compliments on my smell! I love how I can keep one in my work bag, its so cute and the perfect size to fit into my handbag + it doesnt even look like a deoderant from the packaging!

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Floral
Stephanie B. (Australia)
So much better than other natural deodorants

I have tried many other natural deodorants over the years, and can say this one is amazing. First off, the texture is beautiful and smooth, easy to apply and it melts into the skin so quickly. For comparison, the Black Chicken Axilla deodorant feels icky on my hands after applying, whereas Kyoor is smooth and lovely, it makes a big difference to me. Secondly, Kyoor really lasts, from work to yoga to to the gym. I feel better knowing the ingredients are organic, non-toxic, and all natural. Highly recommend this.

Natural, Safe & Healthy

I've used AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème for the last few days and I am extremely happy with the results. As a busy mum, this product leaves me fresh all day after applying after a shower! Nice texture, healthy natural ingredients and lovely fragrance!

Quite an interesting anti-odourant product. Luckily it works well

My girlfriend asked me to try out this product because she claims i stink, and she doesn't take no for an answer. I don't like using products as they do not work well for me. Surprisingly this works and my stinky underarms are no longer stinky after using it

Great for my lifestyle

I live a very active lifestyle as a PT and need a really strong deodorant so I don't stink for all my clients! I was amazed at how effective this natural deodorant is. They smell amazing, I absolutely love.

Great and Natural

Fantastic product and smells great! The first natural anti-odourant creme I have found that works for me! Highly recommend!

Perfect for me

I am a big stress-sweater so I struggle to find natural deodorants that actually help! This is the only natural deodorant that actually keeps me dry! It also smells amazing! I am a big fan.

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Fresh
Cedrik Hee (United Kingdom)
not only for the ladies

bloke here, so don't exactly have the strongest sense of smell, but when I went to test it I certainly noticed a difference for over 2 days. Now I use a little each day and that does fine. I was using a crystal deodorant before, but the cream smells better and lasts longer, so out with the deo crystal and in with the underarm cream

skincare for your underarm

I've tried so many underarm products searching for one that is natural, makes me smelling fresh all day and giving me the confidence even in heavy, sweaty gym workouts. Kyoor is not just an anti-odourant creme but its really more of a skincare product. After a couple of weeks of using it, I noticed that my underarm is so much softer and smoother. And it smells soooo good too!

Natural and Effective!

Highly recommend the KYOOR natural deodorant! I've been using both the Fresh and Floral scents and they work amazingly well.
On clean shaven skin, I've gone a couple of days without reapplying and no issues with sweat smells!!
Also, easy packaging to take with me when I'm out travelling. And looks discreet too!

Perfect for me

Finding natural products to use during my pregnancy has been so dofficult. There is so much information out there you don't know what to believe, but I can genuinely say that Kyoor's ingredients leave no irritation, smell amazing and feel so smooth on my sensitive skin. Would recommend to mothers!

Best natural deodorant

I’ve never used such effective natural deodorant. Well worth the money if you ask me- I’ll be buying again

AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème- Floral
Elaine Kaulave (Australia)
Product 100% amazing....Legit!

I have been using this product for a few weeks now. I was really skeptical at first thinking how can an anti-odourant creme work for me.
Every morning/evening I would apply the pea size amount after my shower.
I was honestly surprised the scent lasted me the whole day.
In fact after work, I would attend my Personal Training sessions, boxing, cardio everything that makes you sweat! Trust me when I say I did not end up smelling sweaty or have Bad odour!
I will 100% recommend this product.
I have been using the floral creme scent, I want to try the fresh one soon.
P.s I absolutely love the packaging of this product makes me feel glamorous
I also just thought it would be so handy to put on my carry bag when travelling overseas instead of trying to get deodorants that are 100mls approved.