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How do I check on the status of my order?

Please refer to your order confirmation email to check on shipping timelines and order information. If you have not received a shipping confirmation email within a few days of placing your order, please check your promotions or spam folder. You will be notified via email with a tracking number when your order ships and will be able to keep track of your parcel through the tracking link in this email.

My order status shows ‘Payment Pending’. What does this mean?

A ‘Payment Pending’ status typically occurs when payment has been unsuccessful. In this instance you should receive an email from us with instructions to reattempt payment.

My order is ‘Preparing to ship’ or ‘In Transit’. What does this mean?

Your order has been packed and has left our warehouse. At this stage, you should receive an email update from us that contains a tracking link and number for your parcel.  Please allow 24 hours for your tracking to go live. 

My order is ‘with Driver’. What does this mean?

Use this text to ansYour parcel has been picked up and is with a driver, on its way to you! You should receive a SMS from our courier partners with the shipping status once your order is enroute to your shipping address of choice. wer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Can I expedite my order?

Yes. We offer express shipping both domestically and internationally, at an additional charge to your purchase.  Expedited shipping fees are to be borne by the customer and are non-refundable. 

Where can I find my order confirmation number?

An order confirmation number is only generated for online orders – once you’ve successfully placed your order online via our website, you will receive an email containing the details of your order.

How can I amend my order?

We are unable to make changes to an order once it has been placed. This includes shipping method upgrades, or changes in the quantity and items purchased.  As we are not liable for replacements or refunds for parcels that have been delivered to incorrect addresses, we always suggest reviewing your cart and shipping details before checkout. 

How can I cancel my order?

Due to our fulfilment process, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been confirmed.  Please follow our Refund Policy to receive a full refund on your order. 

How can I return my order?

Please follow ourRefund Policyto receive a full refund on your order.

Can I exchange a product?

At this stage we are unable to issue exchanges.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. 

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept payments denominated in Australian Dollars (AUD), United States Dollars (USD), and British Pound Sterling (GBP). 

How do I subscribe to or cancel my subscription to the Kyoor Mailing List?

You can easily subscribe to our mailing list byclicking on oursubscribeform andfilling in your details. To cancel your email subscription, click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails or contact us at info@kyoornaturals.com.

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We process orders Monday through Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm AEST) following payment approval. Orders are shipped every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please allow 1 to 2 business days after order confirmation for your shipment to be pushed into transit.   


Once shipped, the expected times of arrival are: 


Domestic (Australia): 7-10 business days for standard shipping, and 3-5 business days for express shipping  

New Zealand: 8-14 business days for standard shipping, and 6-11 business days for express shipping 

International: 12-20 business days for standard shipping, and 6-12 business days for express shipping 


These are estimated shipping times only. There are numerous factors that may impact upon delivery times such as customs, weather delays and other unforeseen circumstances leading to delays. Except for in the event of exceptional circumstances, we will make every effort to fulfil your order within 2 business days.   

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship to the following destinations: 


Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific (Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand), North America (Canada, United States of America) and Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom). 

Why haven’t I received my order?

We always recommend selecting to have a Confirmation of Signature at delivery. This is an option we make available at the checkout.   


If you believe your package is missing after looking in common courier hiding spots at your delivery address, we suggest you commence a trace with the relevant shipping courier to have the issue investigated further.  We cannot be held liable for parcels that go missing after delivery.  

What Shipping options do you offer?

For shipping across Australia and New Zealand: 


Free standard shipping for all orders over $75

Standard (Domestic): 7-10 business days, $10 

Express (Domestic): 3-5 business days; cost calculated at checkout 

Standard (New Zealand): 8-14 business days, $10 

Express (New Zealand): 6-11 business days; cost calculated at checkout 


International shipping: 

Standard: 12-20 business days; cost calculated at checkout 

Express: 6-12 business days; cost calculated at checkout 

What is your returns policy?

We believe you will absolutely love your order.  However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will honour a 14-day money back guarantee from the date you receive your product.  The amount refunded will be the purchase price at the point of sale.  Shipping costs are to be borne by the customer. 

All items purchased directly from kyoornaturals.com may be accepted for a return. If you purchased a Kyoor product from one of our authorized retailers or stockists, please contact them for assistance. 

How do I initiate a return?

Please contact our customer relations team on our Contact Us page to initiate a refund.  We’ll be in touch via email to provide you with further instructions on how to return your item.   

Please also make sure to include a printed copy of your initial tax invoice when returning your items so we can correctly identify your order. 

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

You will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs when returning your items. We recommend that you use a shipping service with reliable tracking and insurance, as we are unable to issue a refund on shipments lost in transit.

How long will my return take?

Once we receive the package, please allow 2-3 business days for your refund to be processed. Once your refund has been processed you will receive an email confirmation.Please note that it may take an additional 2-5 business days for your bank to receive the funds.

What if my item is missing, incorrect, damaged, or faulty?

We are sorry you received a parcel with damaged, incorrect, or missing items.  Let us know by contacting our customer relations team via our Contact Us page.  Please ensure you include the following details in your submission: 

- Order Number 

- Image of the item/parcel received 

- Specify whether the item(s) are missing, incorrect, or faulty 


We will respond to your submission via email and provide further instructions of how to return the item to our premises for inspection. 


What is the difference between anti-perspirants, deodorants, and anti-odourants?

While anti-perspirants help keep you dry for longer, they contain aluminium salts which block sweat glands by reacting with electrolytes in perspiration to form a gel-like “plug”. This prevents your sweat glands from being able to properly secrete fluid and toxins.    


Deodorants on the other hand will not prevent you from sweating. Rather, they seek to mask body odour using fragrances, alcohol, and in some instances antibacterials which eliminate odour-causing bacteria from the underarms. While the use of deodorants may help to cover up body odour, they may result in a rather unpleasant smell that resembles a mix of perspiration and synthetic fragrance.  


Our anti-odourant, the AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème, takes a unique approach to dealing with body odour by attempting to eliminate it at the root in as natural a way as possible. By matching the pH of a healthy underarm, the AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème seeks to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacterial species which are said to thrive above a pH of 6.5 - 7. In doing so it also helps to repair and restore skin barrier function, resulting in much healthier, supple, and nourished underarms.  


Infused with postbiotics and anti-microbial containing ingredients, the anti-odourant crème acts to hinder the growth and proliferation of odour-causing bacteria while promoting the growth of healthy strains.       

What causes body odour?

Sweat is naturally odourless. The proteins, lipids, and steroid compounds contained in this odourless fluid secreted by the apocrine sweat glands are converted by odour-causing microorganisms found in the axillae into malodorous byproducts.

Why switch from other natural deodorant brands to the AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème?

Our crème is thoughtfully formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and knowledge on skin science. It is natural, vegan, cruelty free, and free of any ingredients which may pose any detrimental effects to your health and wellbeing.  


Our goal has been to take a holistic approach to body care and odour prevention, so that rather than finding short term solutions that may work to temporarily fix one problem but result in another, our primary objective is to bring healing and restoration to the skin and body from ground up.  


To achieve this, we have worked tirelessly to bring the pH of our anti-odourant crème as closely in line with a healthy acidic underarm skin pH. This would help to naturally eliminate odour causing bacterial strains and bolster skin barrier function. Deodorants with a pH of over 7-8.5, such as those that include ingredients like bi-carb soda and magnesium hydroxide, can disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin, leading to irritation, dryness, redness, itching, and a host of other skin conditions. It can also lead to the proliferation of pathogenic and odour-causing strains, worsening body odour in the long run. 


Unlike 99% of natural deodorants in the market, our formulation is a light and creamy water-based formulation infused with potent botanical extracts to limit pore clogging and facilitate the diffusion of bioactive compounds into the skin for improved hydration, elasticity, and brightening.  

Why should I care about the pH of my personal care products?

A healthy skin pH ensures proper skin barrier function. The “normal” pH of the skin surface is moderately acidic in the range of pH 4.1 to 5.8, and 6.1 to 7.4 for physiological gaps such as the underarms.  


Studies have shown the potential of topical applications to influence skin surface pH, which over the long run may result in impaired skin barrier function and problems including rashes, itching, redness, inflammation, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and ichthyosis. It may also lead to the growth and proliferation of odour-causing strains that tend to thrive at higher pH’s, resulting in much stronger body odour. Please note that while an elevated skin pH has been observed in such skin conditions, that it hasn’t yet been conclusively determined whether pH is the cause, or the result, of such diseases. 


Due to the above-mentioned research, there exists a high level of agreement within the scientific community that topical products should always be acidified to promote and support skin health and resilience.  

Do KYOOR products contain bi-carb soda or magnesium hydroxide?

Bi-carb soda isn’t designed for your skin, and as such we have formulated our products to be free from this ingredient. 


Bi-carb soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is commonly used in natural deodorants for its ability to effectively absorb odours and neutralise acids. It is, however, more alkaline than the skin, thus upsetting the skin’s natural pH level when applied topically and altering its microbiome. A high pH may impact upon the structural and functional integrity of the skin barrier, result in a myriad of skin conditions including irritation, itching, redness, rashes, and dryness, and may also lead to worsening body odour.

Are KYOOR fragrances natural?

Yes, all of our fragrances are natural. Natural fragrances are essential oils and isolates derived from flowers, sap, seeds or skin of the plan, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees and never as a result of synthetic chemistry.

Do KYOOR products contain preservatives?

Yes, we use eco-certified, natural, paraben-free preservatives to protect our formulations from bacterial and fungal growth, reduce spoilage, extend shelf life, and keep you safe.

Why opt for natural preservatives?

Synthetic preservatives, most commonly available in the form of a group of chemicals known as parabens, have been linked to a range of health and environmental issues. They are still largely used in most personal care and cosmetic products due to their broad-spectrum activity and low price point. 


Studies have found traces of parabens in the breast tissue of women, and in breast tumor cells, indicating that this chemical is able to penetrate the skin and remain within the body. Because of its ability to mimic the hormone estrogen, it is thought that parabens can trigger an increase in breast cell division and the growth of tumors, resulting in breast cancer and other reproductive issues. Parabens that wash into waterways and the ocean from human consumption, also impact upon the environment. A study found parabens present in the bodies of aquatic life including dolphins, whales, seals, polar bears, and otters. 


Despite these findings, the Cancer Council have stated that there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that parabens cause cancer. Further studies have claimed that parabens in the concentrations found in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are unlikely to affect human health and thus should not have to be replaced. We personally feel it in the best interest of our customers to limit exposure to this ingredient. As such, we do not formulate with parabens. 


Is there an adjustment period when switching from a normal anti-perspirant or synthetic deodorant to the anti-odourant crème?

It can take up to 2-3 weeks for your body to readjust when transitioning from an anti-perspirant or deodorant to the AHA-Actif Anti-Odourant Crème.  This transition is a normal and necessary process for your body to expel toxins and aluminium salts which may have accumulated in your pores or mammary glands, and re-establish a healthy underarm pH. There is also likely to be changes occurring to the microbiome of your underarms during this time.  

As such, you may notice an increase in wetness and odour. It is important that you are patient with your body as it undergoes these changes. 

How do I apply the anti-odourant crème to my underarms?

Apply the anti-odourant crème by taking a pea sized amount or as required, and gently rubbing it into your armpit and allowing it to set before putting your clothes on.  To increase product efficacy, it is important that you apply the product to a well exfoliated, clean, and dry underarm.  Wet skin will dilute the product and end in lack-lustre results. 

Do your products have expiration dates?

All of our cosmetic products have a period-after-opening (PAO) date printed on the packaging, which indicates the amount of time a product will remain stable and safe for human use after it has first been opened. 

What should I do if I have an allergic reaction to a product?

Please always review the listed ingredients and conduct a patch test prior to using the product on your underarms.   

In the instance you notice an allergic reaction or irritation to the product, we suggest immediately discontinuing use of the product. 


Is your packaging recyclable?

Our first priority is always the safety and effectiveness of the formulation.  Our tubes come in 100% recyclable sugarcane derived bioplastic tubes and our cosmetic cartons in 100% FSC-certified recycled card, both of which are 100% recyclable.

Is KYOOR environmentally friendly?

Our philosophy is to evolve towards green solutions whenever possible, and adopt sustainable alternatives as they become available. 

Do you test on animals?

No. We only test on willing human participants. This way, we can be 100% certain our formulations work.

Where are your products made?

Our cosmetic products are manufactured exclusively in Australia, in adherence to stringent local guidelines.  


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